The Ultimate Life Hack, 30 Incredibly Easy Steps to Truth and Freedom

Number 16 Reveals The Power of Educating Yourself

Occupying, protesting, complaining, whining, shouting, screaming and blaming is futile at best and self destructive at worst.

If you want to promote absolute truth and attain genuine freedom, follow these 30 steps:

  1. Find alternative TV channels that have no agenda to hide the truth and then compare with dozens of alternative news outlets.
  2. Choose a bank that is small, local and approachable. Close any bank account with the big corporate, global, multinational mega-banks.
  3. Stop investing in the stock market and other virtual investments worlds. Instead use your purchasing power and your savings to promote local and regional businesses and ventures.
  4. Don’t visit big mainstream news websites to find out about current affairs. Instead use internet search engines to find out the truth. Build a list of alternative news sources and support them.
  5. Instead of using social networking websites to foster relationships, turn off the virtual world and get real. Go visit a friend, invite a friend over, and organize a real-life get-together. Divorce your hundreds of fake and worthless virtual friends and start living real friendships and relationships.
  6. Don’t join any mass protests or mass gatherings. Instead organize yourself in small groups of friends and colleagues to spread the message of truth and change.
  7. Stop following existing ideologies and existing mainstream opinions. Start asking questions. Be fair and honest while doing so and never fear the truth or your own condemnation.
  8. Understand that political correctness, human rights, equality and other socially accepted terms have been hijacked and abused. Begin to delve deeper into the meaning of words and never let yourself be cornered with keywords, definitions and fallacies.
  9. Quit any childish rebellious streaks and expressions (tattoos, dreadlocks, piercings, alternative clothing, etc.). These “alternatives” do not serve you or the cause. Instead groom yourself, discipline yourself and become genuinely yourself.
  10. Be very careful with any superficial demands or promises from politicians, society, bankers or global networks. Instead learn to dedicate yourself for your own goals and demand the framework for truthful and honest aims.
  11. The solution to all global problems is the truth and can only be implemented by humans. Stop following religion, ideology, mass opinion and mass media. Instead find the truth within yourself and promote it on a micro-level.
  12. Accept that you are 99% brainwashed and already dehumanized, a programmed robot. Start to learn about yourself, how you became who you are and begin a process of renewal.
  13. Spend your money wisely. In the capitalistic world, your money is worth more than your vote. Supporting a local butcher by buying his burgers is more powerful than eating at a fast-food restaurant.
  14. Love is not just amazing but it is also precious. Instead of playing with it, learn to foster it, to promote it and once you find it cherish it and care for it (with intelligence and not obsession).
  15. Beware of the mainstream notions about male and female equality. Instead of fighting your opposite gender or making your own into something that it is not, learn to understand and live what it means to be a man or a woman. While both are equally human, a man is never a woman and a woman is never a man.
  16. Stop wasting your money on worthless products and services. Watching the latest film at your local cinema won’t get you further in life. Instead go and purchase a new book every month on a topic that interests you. Educate yourself!
  17. Go back to basics with everything you do. Instead of inviting a friend to an event via a social networking website, go to their house and invite them in person.
  18. Stop wanting everything for free. One of the biggest reasons why we have the status quo today is because individuals are too greedy to pay for value, thus promoting low quality or giving away valuable information to corporations for free. Learn to differentiate and be prepared to pay for real value.
  19. A boycott against one brand is not going to solve the problems of globalization. Solutions lie in lifestyle and in the choices you make in your everyday life and in the understanding of the bigger picture of how corporations operate. Don’t hate the player, hate the game! Stop playing the game and become a player of the truth!
  20. Refrain from taking pharmaceutics and other mainstream drugs. Instead of taking cocaine to feel like you are on top of the world, learn to build up your personality. Instead of popping a pill to fight (e.g.) your depression or anxiety, learn about yourself and what caused it in the first place.
  21. Don’t get caught up in daily events. Learn to build up a network of knowledge. What happens today in country A is much more linked to what happens in country B tomorrow than you can imagine. Build up your network of knowledge and begin to try and understand the connections.
  22. Quit admiring the biggest, the best, the fastest, and the strongest. Instead focus on value, quality, truth, integrity and genuine human values. Don’t copy others! Live authentically yourself!
  23. Work for an employer that values what you value. Instead of focusing on the pay and the prestige of an employer, learn to choose a workplace that promotes what you value. Don’t sell your soul for a nice salary. Don’t forego a career opportunity due to limited initial pay.
  24. Don’t underestimate the long-term effects. Nothing can create change from one day to the next. Instead of ego-centered short-term goals, learn to focus on long-term effects, causes and implications of your actions.
  25. Don’t put your judgment ahead of your analysis and conclusion. Instead of making assumptions, try and analyze the facts, the reality, the implications, and the true value.
  26. Stop living like an animal. Quit reproducing your deficits. Break-free from your unconscious ties and biographical burdens. Learn to dissect your behavior and life patterns. Study history; History always repeats itself! Both individually as well as collectively.
  27. Free yourself from any obsession with celebrities, public figures and drama queens. Instead dig up your history books and learn about the thinkers and pioneers from the past. Once you identify those from the past, seek new ones. Once you find them, promote them, support them and most importantly of all learn from them.
  28. Rid yourself of prejudice and brainwashed ideals. Instead start to understand people as humans. Humans are a product of their society, biography and education and more often than not what they are fed by mass media and politics. Once you grasp that you will find new paths, real solutions and true hope.
  29. Stop promoting beliefs on an ideological and dogmatic level. Islam versus Christianity is a failure. Capitalism versus Socialism is a failure. The only way forward is promoting the truth and removing the lies. Learn to differentiate between the essence and the dogmatic possessive details. God exists; religion has only failed to show the path. Economics and politics are undisputable required entities, the theories and realities are based on details not ideologies. Learn to understand, implement and promote the realities not the ideological differences.
  30. Accept that the majority of the population is brainwashed, fanatic, dogmatic, impulsive, unconsciously driven, and ultimately on a path to apocalyptic destruction. Learn to break free and teach others to do the same.

These tips are an extract from the book ‘Survive the Global Crisis – Thrive, Prosper & Grow‘ available on Amazon and Kindle.

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