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Radioactive Particles Detected Across Europe; Authorities Silent

Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain Affected

Radioactive particles were detected across Europe earlier this year and authorities have yet to issue a statement.

The radioactive particles were first detected during the second week of January 2017 in Norway.

The nuclear radiation appears to have come from Eastern Europe, but no official statements have been made as to the source.

Radioactive particles are generally associated with nuclear bombs or nuclear energy disasters such as as Chernobyl and Fukushima.

In Norway, Astrid Liland, Head of the Emergency Preparedness at the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority suggested there was no concerns for public health.

She told the Barents Observer, “We do measure small amounts of radioactivity in air from time to time because we have very sensitive measuring equipment. The measurements at Svanhovd in January were very, very low. So were the measurements made in neighboring countries, like Finland. The levels raise no concern for humans or the environment. Therefore, we believe this had no news value.”

The Western mainstream media however, is in overdrive with accusations suggesting Vladimir Putin detonated a Nuclear Device.

Particulate Iodine-131 (value +/- uncertainty) in the atmosphere(µBq/m3)
Particulate Iodine-131 (value +/- uncertainty) in the atmosphere(µBq/m3. Map by Institute de Radioprotection et de Süreté Nucléaire.

The US Air Force has sent a special WC-135 Constant Phoenix, an aircraft specializing in detecting and identifying nuclear explosions to the UK.

Other online sources, suggest the radiation spike is due to “sloppy” tests carried out on natural gas pipeline leaks.

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