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Millions of Eggs Found Contaminated With Hazardous Pesticide in Europe

Fipronil Found, Which Can Damage Kidneys, Liver And Thyroid Glands

Health Scare Sweeps Europe as Millions of Eggs Contaminated With Hazardous Pesticide

15 countries in the European Union as well as Switzerland and Hong Kong have been affected by millions of contaminated eggs.

The eggs were found to contain fipronil – a chemical used to kill insects including ants, beetles and cockroaches.

Supermarkets in the UK, including Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have even cleared shelves of sandwiches and salads fearing they could contain the chemicals.

In Germany, big retailer Aldi recalled millions of eggs from shelves.

The toxic egg saga was unveiled as the UK was found to have imported 700,000 eggs to be used in processed food from Dutch farms embroiled in the health scare.

The toxic chemical Fipronil can damage kidneys, liver and thyroid glands, but authorities claim there is “minimal risk” to health.

The Netherlands produces 10 billion eggs per year of which it exports 65% overseas.

Approximately 180 egg producers in the Netherlands have been closed and may also have culled livestock.

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