Eco-Village in Europe to Become Self-Sufficient in Food, Energy and Waste

Developers Plan to Take Zero Waste and Sustainability to a Whole New Level

In the Netherlands a small village just outside Amsterdam is being built that aims to become the first high-tech farm village.

Under the official slogan of “Tech-Integrated and Regenerative Residential Real Estate Development” the new concept called Regen Villages, aims to develop a community that is self-sufficient by growing its own food, making its own energy and managing its own waste.

The Stanford University spin-off company, aims to contribute to the problem of a growing earth population “By 2050 nearly 10-billion people will live on earth, requiring the urgent need for regenerative housing and community development” reads their introduction.

Energy sources will include geothermal, solar thermal, wind, and biomass while food production will include vertical farming, aquaponics and aeroponics, permaculture among others.

Regen Village

According to the designers at EFFEKT, the five pillars of this new concept for self-sustaining urban eco-communities are: “Energy positive homes. Door-step high-yield organic food production. Mixed renewable energy and storage. Water and waste recycling. Empowerment of local communities.”

Regen Village Netherlands

The first phase will include 100 properties with plans to replicate the model in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany already in the pipeline.

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