Billionaire Bill Gates Says GMOs Are ‘The Solution’ to End Starvation in Africa

Africa Faces Increased Political and Corporate Pressure to Accept GMOs

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, earlier this year, Bill Gates talked to Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Blumenstein about how genetically modified organism (GMOs) are “key to ending hunger in Africa”.

What are called GMOs are done by changing the genes of the plant, and it’s done in a way where there’s a very thorough safety procedure, and it’s pretty incredible because it reduces the amount of pesticide you need, raises productivity (and) can help with malnutrition by getting vitamin fortification.

…. if you want farmers in Africa to improve nutrition and be competitive on the world market, you know, as long as the right safety things are done, that’s really beneficial. It’s kind of a second round of the green revolution. And so the Africans I think will choose to let their people have enough to eat.

But the promises of cheaper food is often not realized when GMOs are introduced. Fact is that GMO seeds can negatively affect soil and with increasing production, prices drop and small farmers become dependent on corporate-controlled seed prices.

In India studies have shown that although usage of GMOs initially resulted in lower usage of insecticides, by 2013 their use returned to pre-GMO levels while yields plateaued nationally. Cotton farmers in India have gone into huge amounts of debt in order to buy genetically modified cotton seeds from Monsanto, with 250,000 farmers committing suicide in the last 15 years due to being unable to cope with the debt incurred.

In Nigeria, a hundred organizations representing more than 5 million Nigerians have submitted a joint objection to the use of GMOs, based on serious concerns about the effects on human health and the environmental risks of using GMOs.

The editor of, Mike Adams reveals how the threats and risks of GMOs clearly dwarf the Utopian dream presented by those who claim that GMOs can ‘end world hunger’ within the coming decades.

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