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Air Pollution Caused 4.2 Million Early Deaths Worldwide – New Study

92% of The World Population Lives in Areas With Contaminated Air

The US-based Health Effects Institute (HEI) revealed that air pollution has resulted in 4.2 million early deaths worldwide in 2015.

The new study, titled “State of Global Air 2017” reveals the alarming effect air pollution is having on humanity.

According to researchers, air pollution is the fifth highest cause of death.

“We are seeing increasing air pollution problems worldwide, and this new report and website details why that air pollution is a major contributor to early death,” said Dan Greenbaum, President of the Health Effects Institute (HEI1), the global research institute that designed and implemented the study.

“The trends we report show that we have seen progress in some parts of the world – but serious challenges remain,” he added.

Out of the 4.2 million attributed deaths, 2.2 million were in China and India but the study also showed how 92 per cent of the earth’s population is now living in areas with contaminated air.

Contamination in the air is said to cause heart disease, strokes, cancer and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

The Contamination Report offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the planet in terms of contamination, revealing over 1,000 facts and figures about contamination.

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